Keep Your Tailgate Up!
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Have you ever loaded the bed of your truck to find that the tailgate won't close?

Stop messing with straps and tie downs, the Tailgate Adjuster is the answer!

Tailgate Adjuster is a ratchet-style accessory that replaces a standard tailgate cable system. Made of heat-treated steel, the Tailgate Adjuster provides strength and durability in a variety of positions.



  • Multiple positions provide flexibility to secure cargo to suit any need.
  • Ratchet mechanism holds the tailgate in desired position without additional support, such as straps that could scratch or even dent the tailgate.
  • Tailgate Adjuster uses existing bolt holes so no drilling is required. Installation is simple and can be done in minutes.
  • Fixed mounting bolts act as a tailgate theft deterrent and provide peace of mind.
  • Compatible with most major truck brands.
  • Made in the USA!